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    What is the difference between the prepositions "to" and "for"? I mean, I dont know when to say one or the other; for example, should I say "it's difficult for me" or "it's dofficult to me"?

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    Re: doubt

    It is difficult for you - never difficult to you.

    Look at these for the differences:

    Prepositions of Direction: To, On (to), In (to)
    Prepositions of Time, Place, and to Introduce Objects

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    Re: doubt

    It is difficult for me.
    Pass the spoon to me.
    If you will take this class for me I can go.
    It seemed to me that we were going to be late.
    When that letter for me arrived it was late.
    When he turned left, to me it felt like the wrong direction.

    Now look at the fifth line. This is where it can get difficult:

    When the letter to me.... is the same as
    When the letter for me....

    That letter is addressed to me but it is also for me (and nobody else.

    Can you see this?

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