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    The phrase 'White rabbits'

    Hi guys,
    When i was doing my a-level in newark nottinghamshire back in 1983, i had heard local kids use the phrase " white rabbits" as in, "Have you seen white rabbits this morning?" My question is what do they really mean? My guess is, they were referring to frost on roads. What is your take on this? Is that an idiom but i can't seem to find such related info online. Thanks in advance.

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    Question Re: The phrase 'White rabbits'

    Roshidi, in England, to say 'white rabbit' on the first day of each month when you wake up is meant to bring you good luck. Can you recall whether each time you heard this saying it was the first of a month???

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    Re: The phrase 'White rabbits'

    Hi Shakespeare's brother,
    Thanks for the reply. You certainly shed a light on this phrase. I can't remember exactly whether the phrase was uttered on the first day of each month.

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