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    I wonder if there is any difference between "1" and "2"
    1. Do you know he is a singer?
    2. Did you know he is a singer?

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    Re: did/do

    Both sentences are grammatically correct though it is much better to say in the second sentence: Did you know he was a singer?

    Anyways, the sentences that we have right now are:

    Do you know he is a singer?
    Did you know he is a singer?

    The frist one:
    The person who is asking you this question wants to know now whether you really know or not that someone is a singer.

    The second one:
    The asker wants to know if you knew in the past that so and so is a singer.

    To explain this latter point let us have the following example as a context:

    A: I met Mr. X two years ago.
    B: Really! Did you know then that he is a singer?
    A: No. I have just been told that.

    Hope it is clear.

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