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    Which one is correct?
    Should human be plural or singular. Plural should be correct, right? because there are many . and if so, animal should be plural as well?

    Humans are animal too
    Humans are animals too
    The human is animal too

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    Smile Re: humans

    Human is a singular noun. It is also an adjective. Animal has the same status. Therefore, to talk about more than one human or animal you must add an 's'.

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    Re: humans

    Humans are animals too.

    Or, you can say:

    A human is an animal too.

    The zero article before Humans and the indefinite article (a) before "human" bith serve the generic meaning of the word. I mean by generic that when you say "humans" you are referring to all human beings in general. This generic function is also achieved by saying "a human".

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