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Thread: "as --- as"

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    "as --- as"


    my name is antonio and I want to now how can a I use the words
    for example "as cold as" or "as + word + as"

    if you know where I cane found this question only send me the link


    I'm beginner in the English

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    Re: "as --- as"


    The fomrula is:

    as big as
    as small as


    In other words:
    as + adjective + as

    Consider the following sentence:

    The Mercedes is as beautiful as the Mazda.

    Here what we want to say is that:

    The Mercedes is beautiful, and the Mazda is also beautiful.

    We wanted to say that the Merecedes and the Mazda are the same in "Beauty".

    Another example:

    The Toshiba costs US$ 3000. The Dell costs US$ 3000.

    We say: The Toshiba is as expensive as the Dell.

    As---as Expression in the Negative


    The village is clean. The town is not very clean.

    We say:
    The village is cleaner than the town.

    This expression can also be expressed as follows:

    The town is not as clean as the village.

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