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Thread: IELTS question

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    IELTS question

    Hi, I was not sure where I had to post this question, so sorry if I did it where I shouldn't have.

    In 4 days I will take the IELTS. I have a question that have been in my head for a couple of days since I read, I don't know where, I was going to be able to underline some important phrases on the readings. I know I could ask there before taking the exam, but I would like to know that because now every time I read a paragraph I underline the things I find more helpful, so if I am not allowed to do so on the day of the exam I would like to stop doing as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: IELTS question

    Yes you can underline important words/expressions on the question paper.

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    Re: IELTS question

    Thank you very much for the answer! So I can keep practising the way I am doing.


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