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    Smile the word challenge

    Hi everybody,
    My first request is for moderators, i.e., could you change my location, instead of Uzbekistan there should go Tashkent, thanks.

    I problem deals with the word challenge, can you elucidate this word for me, as well as for many others that have some difficulties in taking in the word challenge, and please give some examples. I do appreciate your opinions about this word.

    Thank you.

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    Re: the word challenge

    The location is fine- the reason we have two is for teachers who often live in a different country- I'm British, but kive in Cambodia, so it helps for people to know I am a native speaker.

    Challenge- It is often used nowadays to mean a problem/issue/somethibng difficult that has to be dealt with:
    Binge drinking among young people is a challenge for the government.

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