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    place prepositions

    "Try resting your poles across the back of your wrists, arms shoulder width apart, and keep the poles facing down the hill"
    This is taken from an article from Globe and Mail in which a daugher gives her 76-year-old dad skiing instructions.

    I don't think I can follow this instruction, meaning, I don't understand the instruction well enough to position my body exactly per instructed.

    Try resting your poles ACROSS the back of your wrists? I don't know if I can really picture it... and where exactly is the BACK of your wrist? and if he's facing the poles down the hill, does it mean the poles are parellel to the slope of the hill? I guess place prepositions like "across" and "back" are easier to understand when used in describing landmarks.

    - HKB

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    Re: place prepositions

    Most people point to their wrist from the TOP (between the hand and the forearm). So the bottom of the wrist is on the other side.

    The poles should be held by the hands, and the pole would be seen running parallel along the same line as the wrist, shoulder width.

    Oh . . . does that help??

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