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    Re: language in songs/lyrics

    Would you, please, give me some explanations about English language in songs/lyrics? We were discussing expression "You can be sure" used in some songs. Is it colloquial expression and should be substitute in conversation with "You MAY be sure"? Or it would be appropriate to address it to another person during conversation (not in songs)?
    How I understand English language in life is different from used in songs (I mean sspoken abbreviations, colloquial phrases -"gonna", "wonna" etc.).
    Would you also advise me some links where I could read about this subject?

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    Can\may be sure are both fine. Many would use 'may' in concversation to show a degree of politeness, but 'can'is not in any way rude.

    gonna, wanna, etc, are used in speecj, but not in formal writing. As songs are less formal, they are often written in the lyrics.

    Try here:

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