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    Can you find the definitions of that idioms for me please ??

    - To put on an act
    - To bwe rolling in money (or in dough)
    - To burst into tears.
    - To see red.
    - To be all ears.
    - The cupboard is bare.
    - To be headed for trouble.
    - To take a break.
    - Let's sleep on it.
    - To lay (or set) the table.
    - To tread the boards.
    - A black eye.
    - A total loss.
    - First thing in the morning.
    - To sink like a stone.
    - The other side of the coin.

    Thank you

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    to burst into tears - start crying suddenly
    to see red - to be angry
    to be all ears - to start listening to someone
    to be headed for trouble - it's likely that sooner or later you'll be in trouble
    to take a break - take a breather, stop doing something because of tiredness
    to sleep on something - to sleep with an idea,suggestion, something you'll have to decide upon, to take time to make a decision
    to lay the table - to put on dinnerware
    first thing in the morning - something is due first thing, say on monday means you're gonna deal with it before anything else, that's your priority
    to put on an act (as in a play) - to perform, to show audience a play

    For all I know, this should be correct

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