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    I have never had any doctor's appointment in an English country before.

    I would like to know more information regarding having an doctor's appointment. For instance, what should I say when I call the doctor's office?
    What do doctors usually ask their patients? Besides, what are some most common used medical terms?

    Thank you in advance! :o

  1. hearingwintergone
    advance appointment
    headache, cough, inflammation, throat sore, high temprature, fatige
    sneeze, prescription, pharmacy,

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    Some doctors use title + surname, others use the first name. I prefer to be a bit formal at the doctor's to maintain a distance that I feel is required in this particular relationship, so I would never use anything other than Dr + surname. I feel that someone who has to do things like break news of terminal illness, etc, needs a certain distance socially, whereas I would find it easier to use first names with, say, a lawyer.

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