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    Wink Active voice

    I posted something here yesterday and can't seem to locate the answer.

    My question....

    When it comes to writing computer manuals, I wrote, "Click the xxx button. The xxxx screen is displayed."

    I was then told to use the active voice - in other words, "Click the xxxx button. The xxxx screen displays." I believe this to be incorrect due to the intransitive usage of the word displays. In my opinion, if faced with a sentence saying, "the xxxx screen displays." my immediate response would be "displays what?". My boss does not want me to use the word appears.

    Secondly, I have been told that after a full stop and before the next sentence begins, I am to have two spaces. Whilst I agree that at one stage this was the acceptable norm, why is it that Microsoft Word would insert just a single space if one were to start the following sentence straight after the full stop e.g. The man sat on the chair.He stood up.

    Many thanks for your answers.

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    Re: Active voice

    1 It's common enough to use verbs in that way. Copuld you use 'opens' instead, though?
    2 That's an option in the Grammar Settings; it will ignore the spacing or go for one or two spaces.

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    Re: Active voice

    I agree, you have the correct grammar.

    However, I would recommend everyone to be careful with Microsoft Word. Their grammar check is terrible.

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