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Thread: Can you help me

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    Can you help me

    please i need some guides and teachinques for teaching grammer and vocabulary


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    Re: Can you help me

    The following link will take you to a colleciton of grammar lessons that I made for some sort of Arabic speaking students:

    مجموعة دروس في الكتابة الانجليزية للمبتدئين - منتديات تكنولوجي فورس .::TECH4C FORUM::.

    Teaching grammar depends on a lot of factors. You should first of all know the level of your students before you know how to teach them grammar.

    As far as vocabulary is concerned, one good way of teaching students vocabulary is to put each word in a meaningful sentence. My advice to you is that you bring these sentence from authentic resources. Collins Cobuild English Language Dictioanry is a very good resource.

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    Re: Can you help me

    Thanks dear Mr. Mahmmad

    great work . but i need teachinques for teaching grammer and vocabulary in general that every teacher should follow when she/ he teaches grammer and vocabulary.


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