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    Thumbs down 1500 word Essay.

    Hey, I'm just wondering is 2 days enough for a 1500 essay ? for a Year 10.
    Including Homework?

    We also get Homework Everyday & Power point Presentation every week.

    I'm in the 2nd Top Class & the TOP class isn't even getting that.

    I got 1500 essay because I Didn't Do the Power point Presentation because of a School Interview that I had to go to.

    Is My Teacher to Strict?, Some People tell me to complain.
    But I'm not sure what to do...

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    Re: 1500 word Essay.

    Dear JIGNITE,

    You can complete the essay in 2 days. It depends upon the richness of the materials available WITH you for reference. More over, your level of enthusiasm also plays the vital role.

    Best of luck.

    With love.


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