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    Step on it


    If you want to tell your cabby to go fast(faster than now), because you need to get to someplace fast..What would you say?

    Could you say:
    ** * *Will you hurry?
    ** * *Can you go faster?
    ** * *Can you sep on it?

    Thank you for kind advice.

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    Smile Re: Step on it

    You can say all of the those, but adding 'please' may actually have the desired affect.

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    Re: Step on it

    Where i live the taxi drivers drive too fast anyway!

    I agree,it's always good to use 'please'.

    I think using 'could you..?' is even more polite than 'can you..?'

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    Re: Step on it

    "Could you hurry, please?", "Could you go a little faster, please? Im in a hurry." I think these are more appropriate ways to ask.

    Good luck.

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