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    Present Perfect X Present Perfect Continuous

    Hai guyz
    this is my frist time here so Id like you to know that I'm really happy for being a member of such an amazing forum like this.

    Well, I have a doubt about the difference between PRESENT PERFECT and PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS.

    For example:


    Is there any difference between these two sentences?

    What I think about that is that the differente is at the moment of speaking.
    I mean, when someone says the sencente #2 it is because he is doing the action at the moment of speaking.
    Am I right?

    Well I hope somebody can help me.



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    when someone says the sencente #2 it is because he is doing the action at the moment of speaking.
    Not really.

    [In an English class.]
    Teacher: How long have you studied English?
    Student: I have been studying it for 3 years.
    ( The student is in an English class now and it makes sense that he's still learning English now when he uttered the sentence.)

    [In a coffee shop]
    Sam: I heard you are taking English class now.
    Pam: Oh, yea! And I have been studying English for 3 years.
    ( Pam was drinking coffee rather than learning English while she was uttering that sentence.)

    In your examples, the first one indicated the leaning behavior may be ended. Total is about 3 years and you may be learning it now. The second one emphasizes more on the continuing leaning behavior. Total years of learning could be more than 3 years.

    I have lived here for 3 years.
    ==> I lived here before or I am still living here.
    I have been living here for 3 years.
    ==> I am still living here!


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