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    Paint the big apple red?

    Dear teachers,

    Please let me know the meaning of "paint the big apple red". It is said when a group of studen is going to New York to celebrate one girl's birthday.

    How about "paint the big apple white, blue'?


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    Re: Paint the big apple red?

    -'The Big Apple' has been a nickname for New York City since the 1920s I think.

    -'Painting the town red' is an English idiom describing a big night out:

    Paint the town red -

    Since the town they are going to is 'The Big Apple', they are going to 'Paint the Big Apple red'.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Paint the big apple red?

    Thank you, Olololo... I helps me much.

    What about Paint the town blue, white? Do they have any similar meaning?

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    Re: Paint the big apple red?


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