Although I've only been visting for about a week, I've noticed a couple of things which, in my opinion, warrant highlighting:

Firstly, I am very impressed by the level of understanding that many overseas members seem to possess of the English language. I read a particular post from a Swedish source yesterday that stopped me in my tracks with its complexity. I must admit that alot of the knowledge intrinsic to these threads rivals that of the marjority of native English speakers!

(Congratulation aside, I am also concerned that foreign learners of English don't get too bogged-down by grammatical systems, labels, etc. to the detriment of learning the language).

Secondly, it seems that some of the advice returned to those creating new information-gathering posts is quite simply wrong. Among others, I read a reply to a grammatical question which voiced the sentiment that correct grammar didn't really matter - and this from a teacher of English!

Please let me have your thoughts. SB.