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    Talking Re: British and American English Differences

    maybe we should all learn Esperanto. Then we'd all be foreigners and it wouldn't matter what we sounded like.

    Anyway, everyone, except for 3 or 4 exceptional people I have met over the years (1 Spaniard & 2 Americans, incidentally) who have learned Spanish/English as an adult, has a foreign accent when speaking another language. It's just the way it is. I only have to say "si" and it's obvious I'm not from Spain.

    P.S. Matamoros, interesting pen name, that. you brought up the issue of bigotry, I believe?

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    Re: British and American English Differences

    "They tell me that I'm easier to understand."
    "They tell me the dime easier to understand."

    I say them differently. In the first one, I say "that" to rhyme with rat, bat, cat, etc., and in the second one, I say "the" like "thuh." Slight difference, but it's there.

    I have such an accent while speaking Spanish. :( Makes me sad.

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