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Thread: patched into

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    patched into

    can u please tell me what is the translation of "patched into" in the following context?

    There is an organization in Britain that you can sit in one room, and it is patched into 150 radiostations. I sat down and did 43 consecutive radio interviews. "

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    Re: patched into

    Connected to

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    Re: patched into

    Hi ionutzavram,

    patch = 1. connect by a temporary electrical, radio, or telephonic connection: Ralph had patched her through to the meeting by walkie-talkie.

    2. become connected in this way: stay on the open line and we'll patch in on you.

    a telephone patch is any connection between a phone line and another communications device, whether it be a radio, a tape recorder, a data device (such as a modem), or even another phone line. Sometimes called an autopatch especially when used in amateur radio



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