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    Question celta help me PLEASE

    HI there I am taking CELTA (wow its a tough course)

    I can't quite get my head around analysing language... I was wonder to get some help....

    I don't even know what tense these are written in and I struggle hugely with word stresses in sentences, PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    Here are my four things to analyse

    1. This time last week, I was lying on the beach (analyse as a structure)

    2. If I had studied, I would have passed (analyse as a structure)

    3. Would you mind closing the window? (analyses as a functional exponent)

    4. Economise (what other word are in this word family?)

    PLEASE HELP I feel hopeless

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    Re: celta help me PLEASE

    Please put your analysis here first; we don't do assignments, but we will help.

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