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    How much time do you spend watching TV daily?

    Anyone who joins in my discussion of the topic or helps revise the following writing in grammar or wording is appreciated

    How much time do you spend watching TV daily?

    Most of my colleagues, friends and family members find themselves upset if they have to give up the remote controller to someone else. Whenver I hear my familiy members quarrel about which TV program to watch, I feel ridiculous. Don't they have someting more worth doing?

    Being a teacher of English, I alway find myself fail to acquire the meaning of the editorials or articles in New York Times before reading them again and again with great efforts.And this inability makes me in no mood for anything else aside from my English learning program. Consequently, I can hardly find time to sit before a TV set and enjoy the programs. Over time, TV has lost its attraction to me. When I am tired from my learning or working and need some entertainment to relax myself,I choose to lie down in my bed with my earphones on my head.The only radio program I'd tune in is BBC world service broadcasting.

    So my husband feel luckier than his counterparts in other families. He never has to fight with me about which program to watch after dinner. But he has to fight with our daughter, a fourth grader on weekends. My daughter is shun from TV on weekdays with an allowance of four hours' watching TV on weekends. I'd prefer her to watch exploring programs like "Discovery" or " the Wildlife", which indeed broaden her horizon and enrich her knowledge of the world.I forbid her to watch any sitcoms about adult life for fear that the absurd affairs of adulthood might confuse her. Anyway, it is still too early for a small girl like her to peek into the adult world. Am I a
    dull mom to my girl? I think no. People have different goals about their life. Mine is to improve my English to live up to my duty as a teacher of English and to guide my daughter in a positive direction of growing up.
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