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    My correspondence with a third grader

    Thanks for you valentines gift. That was very sweet of you and I enjoyed it, although I would’ve liked more chocolate than jelly. (Yes I know I’m complaining when I should be thankful)
    I’m on my reading week so I have no school this week. Reading week is university’s March break, we just get it earlier. Since I had no school, me and my friends got together yesterday at my friend A's house and stayed up all night hanging out. It was quite crazy: we played Dance Dance Revolution until 3 in the morning and we were all sweaty as pigs. We also enjoyed ourselves making a lot of silly comments and laughing about them. By 5 we were all falling asleep and two of us actually did. I kept myself awake by drinking coffee and doing push-ups every 30 minutes. Z, one of my other friends, played Super Mario Galaxy on Nintendo Wii until the daybreak. A’s mom cooked us breakfast and we had eggs, baked croissant with ham and cheese in it and fruit juice shake. None but me had appetite because we all stayed up all night and we were all sleepy. As for me, I can eat anytime, unless I get really sick. A good breakfast was all I needed to get myself going; as soon as I had breakfast, I wasn’t tired anymore.
    I have lots to read and much to do so I probably should not have done this, but I had fun. I would love to hear what you did this week. Let me know how you were doing.
    Could you check this for grammar? thank you.

    - HKB

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    Re: My correspondence with a third grader

    Sounds a blast.

    Thanks for you valentines gift > Thanks for your Valentine's gift

    None but me > No-one but

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