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    Hello guys, i hope you are OK, i need some help... I'm supposed to teache the differences between make and let like in these sentences:

    Someone makes me do something.

    Someone lets me do something.

    Not big deal here, but I need a concluding activity, some kind of evaluation, the only thing that comes to my mind is "Filling in the blanks" but I'd like to make something more creative. Any ideas?


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    Re: Make/let

    What about making your gap-fill into a running dictation? Put together a short passage with gaps. Stick it on the wall outside the classroom. Put the students in pairs on is a runner the other a writer. The writer stays in the classroom the runner can go and look at the text then return and tell the writer what to write down. They have to copy the text exactly including punctuation and gaps. Then when they have finished they have to fill he gaps together. Speaking only in English of course. Alternatively the text could be complete but with errors they have to correct. Don't make the text too long or it will take forever.

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