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    reading skills

    I'm from peru and I teach at an institute, well I have an active class and what they are learning is reading skills, the problem is that the are no lots of things to do with this, you know games or something like this?

    it will be really helpful. thanks

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    Re: reading skills

    Education World ® Lesson Planning: Five Quick Games Build Reading Skills

    I often find that U.S. websites for grade school children have lots of material appropriate for my ESL classes. That site is one of my favorites. Try a Google search for ESL+reading+games for more sites.

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    Re: reading skills

    Good site, oregeezer. I agree that a lot of activities suitable for younger learners work well for ESL students, no matter the age.

    I don't know the level or the age of your students, fernandorafael. In my classes, when I choose to focus on reading, I usually work on skimming and/or scanning. For example, the students can read a paragraph and summarize it to a partner. Or the students search through the text for answers to a handful of comprehension questions.

    Another idea I've used recently with success deals with vocabulary. I'll give a word from the text, and students need to find it. I try to use a mix of words they know and words they don't know. In the latter case, they'll need to guess the meaning from context. Either way, they are employing real life skills in the classroom.

    Hope these ideas help.

    Chris Cotter
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