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    Post meanings

    could you please tell me the meaning and some sentences using the word fiddling. thank you so much.

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    Re: meanings

    Fiddling is an informal word which has more than one meaning.

    The teacher was annoyed by his constant fiddling with his mobile phone while she was trying to explain ...

    (meaning - playing with, touching and moving)

    The chief accountant was arrested for fiddling the books.

    (meaning - criminally falsifying the figures in the accounts ledgers for someone's gain)

    In the past it was also used to mean playing the violin (fiddle) although this use is not common now.

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    Re: meanings

    Hello Aida, welcome to Using English!

    "Fiddling" can mean:

    1. playing the violin
    2. fraudulently manipulating e.g. accounts
    3. manipulating something in an aimless fashion

    Would you like to try to make some sentences yourself, first? Then we'll check them for you.

    Best wishes,


    Not a professional ESL teacher.

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