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    Unhappy Effective Listening Exercises

    Hello -

    I am looking for effective listening exercises that I can use for my Korean students who are preparing for the TOEIC test, but I also want exercises that offer a real communicative approach to language learning, something applied so as to offer chances for real communication. I have been having some difficulty breaking through a lot of random and all too "rote" multiple-choice-type questions while searching for the most effective teaching and learning tools on the Web. Any help would be so greatly appreciated! Even just pointing me in the direction where I could begin would be a real blessing.

    Thanks a mil,


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    Re: Effective Listening Exercises

    For a start, have you looked at this: Listening - ESL Web Directory -

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    Re: Effective Listening Exercises

    Yes, I have been going through it, bits and pieces. It is a treasure trove, but I am looking for something more concise, with smaller chunks of text to listen to and follow along with.

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