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Thread: lead item

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    lead item

    can u please tell me what does "lead item" means in this context?

    You could apply it to a specific lead item. You could say "$500 decorator lamp, $69 as partof a test. We believe if you've never owned a really quality piece of furniture in your house... ifyou've never allowed yourself to indulge... if you've never seen the difference a quality decoratorlamp could make in a room, that you owe that to yours

    and another one:

    "We have in-depth reports. We decided instead of just selling the reports by themselves, wewould sell a series, so the in-depth report would be the lead product and quarterly we would providean addendum to it."
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    Re: lead item

    In business terms, it is probably the product that the company is emphasizing in its advertising and promotional literature as the one that best represents what they produce, and which is followed by their other products.

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