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    adjective order, few and little


    I have 2 questions:

    1. what is the adjective order rule?
    2. what's the difference between 'few' and little'?


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    Re: adjective order, few and little

    Welcome to the forums.

    #1 see here: Order of Adjectives - Articles -

    #2 Few is used with countable nouns; Little is used with uncountable nouns:

    I have few coins with me; I have little money on me

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    Re: adjective order, few and little

    1. For graded adjectives such as little or big the order is usually

    opinion - size -quality - age - shape

    So an example might be
    A wonderful, big, shiny, old, rectangular table.

    For ungraded adjectives the usual order is

    age - shape - nationality - material

    An old, oval, French, wooden table

    There is a little flexibility however.

    2. Few is used with countable nouns while little is used with uncountables. You should also be careful to understand the difference between 'few' and 'a few' and also between 'little' and 'a little'

    I have few good friends. - This is a negative statement it means I don't think I have enough good friends.

    I have a few good friends. - This is positive I am pleased to have such friends.

    The same is true for 'little' and 'a little'

    I have little money. - I don't have enough.

    I have a little money. - I may not be rich but I have enough money for my needs.

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