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    Pronunciation of "do you want to?"

    Does anyone have the strong and weak pronunciations, in phonemic transcription, of "do you want to" and "don't want to"?--American pron. please....

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    Re: Pronunciation of "do you want to?"

    do you want to --> strong form: /du: ju: wɔ:nt tu:/
    (stress placement in the utterance depends on what the speaker wants to highlight)

    do you want to --> weak form: /ʤjə'wɔ:ntə/
    Sounds /d/ and /j/ assimilate into /ʤ/ and /u:/ reduces to /ə/. Then, pronunciation of 'want' doesn't change because this is the main verb in the utterance and must be clear. Finally, /t/ from 'to' is elided and remaining /u:/ sound reduces to /ə/. [There might be different versions of the pronunciation of the word 'want' such as /wʌnt/ or /wɑ:nt/ as well]

    Hope it helps,

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