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    seriously need help by today

    i need help for my english forum letter!!
    this is a letter to the editor...
    what is the format for forum letter??
    is it just start with "dear editor" ?
    or need to write the formal letter's format??

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    Re: seriously need help by today

    I teach letters to the editor the same as any academic writing:
    select a relevant topic; gather effective support for your position; state a purpose for writing in a clear, well-placed thesis statement; write an intro that states the issue and your position; be sure your audience can relate to the issue; develop reasons and use rhetorical devices to support your position; write a conclusion that reinforces your thesis; rewrite to correct content and mechanics. It's usually addressed: "To the Editor:"
    The best thing to do is to find a letter that has been written and imitate it. Good luck.

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