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    teaching spoken english


    I am an MBA student in a remote district in India. I found almost all of my classmates to be terribly poor in English. I would like to make them speak good English as it is a must for any MBA. All of them are looking up to me. Please help me where to start and how to go about making their English speaking skills better.

    Thanks and regards,
    Hemasunder Ch.

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    Re: teaching spoken english

    please help...!!!

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    Re: teaching spoken english

    Hi - I'm sorry it is taking so long for someone to reply.

    However, some suggestions:

    Set up a reading group to read passages aloud and then discuss them
    Set up a lunch club where you all speak English during the meal
    Have social evenings where you play word games

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    Re: teaching spoken english

    thank you Anglika

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    Re: teaching spoken english

    Also, get them online communicating with people. They can try language exchanges ( Language Exchanges - ESL Web Directory - ), though these do tend to be top-heavy with people wanting to practise English.

    There are tutors online but that will obviously be expensive. However, many people on forums like this find that communicating regularly with native speakers exposes them to a lot of natural language, so they can develop a better ear for it even from writing. There will doubtless be MBA forums for Indian students too- I know that there are some massive medical forums for Indian students, so joining those would help as they will find many of the same questions there that they are asking, and it will also take the weight off your shoulders. On this note, I would also make it clear to them that, while you will help, they're responsible for their own learning and must not expect you to do everything, especially as you have a demanding course to take yourself and don't need the extra pressure.

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    Re: teaching spoken english


    My friend and I facilitate learning of Spoken English skills among MBA students at Mysore. We would be happy to help you with the materials we use. If you are interested do drop a line to me at [email protected].

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    Mysooru Literacy Trust
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    Re: teaching spoken english

    thank u sir..!

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    Re: teaching spoken english

    thanz everyone...!

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    Re: teaching spoken english

    but i'm nt allowed 2 provate message here..!

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    Re: teaching spoken english

    can any one help?

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