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    Re: teaching spoken english

    may b i'l hav 2 post 10 posts

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    Re: teaching spoken english


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    Re: teaching spoken english

    10...! yeppieee..!

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    Re: teaching spoken english

    You may find our website useful to help your students develop their speaking skills. Splendid Speaking aims to support upper-intermediate to advanced level students improve their speaking skills and communication strategies. Lots of free materials here including recordings of students doing speaking activities and a weekly 'Get Speaking' task sheet you can use with your students. You can find the site here:
    Splendid Speaking

    Hope you find the materials useful.
    Best wishes
    Splendid Speaking
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    Re: teaching spoken english

    ur poor english? ur english is nice

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    Re: teaching spoken english

    Dear hchintada,
    I am Rajendran from Erode, Tamilnadu.Are you interested in spoken English?. I have some ideas. Call me 09362682735
    Regards Rajendran

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    Check it out!


    One way to improve your English is first learn the grammar thoroughly then

    learn the formation of sentences.Learn articles,learn certain words like

    should,could,may, and these word will help you in making sentences


    And start speaking English to your friends as you speak more you will learn

    English sooner.


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