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    Cool what does it mean


    bi, bin, bis that means two, twi, double

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    Re: what does it mean

    It is not clear what you are asking.

    Here is a list of prefixes: English Vocabulary: Prefixes (

    bi- = twice or every two something: It is a bi-monthly meeting [the meeting is held twice in the month 0R is held every two-months]

    bi >> having two of something [biped = two legged]

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    Re: what does it mean


    bis = again; twice. Used as a direction to repeat a passage.
    Used to request an additional performance.


    1. Two; twice: bisalbuminemia.
    2. Having two identical but separated complex chemical groups in one molecule: 1,4-bis(5-phenyloxazol-2-yl)-benzene.
    bin = (BINary) A popular directory name in the Unix world for storing executable programs, device drivers and other binary files. See bin file and binares.

    bin = a file that contains a copy of a disk drive, copied bit for bit from the original. Disk images are used to replicate the entire contents of a disk to one or more other disks. The copied disk is a 100% duplicate of the original, including all data, free space and slack space.

    bi IN BRIEF: A prefix meaning "two.".
    A clam is a bivalve.

    bi = word element. [L.] two.

    IN BRIEF: A prefix meaning "two.".

    A clam is a bivalve.



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