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    Cool intracoastal


    In the following passage:

    A cruise in the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway off Virginia ended early Thursday when the ship began taking on water and was deliberately run aground by the captain. (CNN today).

    Can some give me a synonym for "intracoastal'?

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    Re: intracoastal

    There is not really any synonym. This waterway has been created up the Eastern coast of the USA, using both natural features and man-made canals.

    Intracoastal Waterway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Re: intracoastal

    As Anglika says, there is no synonym for intracoastal , it appears, from my bit of online research added to my previous knowledge. However, if you want to use some simpler-sounding substitute, you may say: 'within the coast', or 'within coast', or 'within the same coast', the choice depending on how the substitute fits into the sentence you write. For further clarity, you may note that 'Intercoastal' means 'between (different) coasts' . It is an adjectival function - thus, intercoastal waterway means waterway connecting two coasts, north coast to south coast, or east to north-west, etc.
    I hope this helps a bit in your effort.

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