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    Unhappy Idioms !!!

    hi , I really need a help. I'm a student and I need to write a final work about idioms but unfortunatelly I have no idea about their classification I have difficulties in finding them What is more, title of my work is Animal idioms in teaching . Please help me with it. If you have any materials or know some pages I would be very grateful

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    Re: Idioms !!!

    It's a dog's life.
    What you are looking for is an idiom that is based upon an animal or animal action(s). I cannot point you to any specific reference; this is something that can be picked up through reading and conversation.

    It is raining cats and dogs.
    That is a fishy tale. (an improbable story)
    Birds of a feather flock together.

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    Re: Idioms !!!

    All languages contain many expressions (Idioms), or idomic phrases, as in English :

    1. sell down the river
    2. haul over the coals
    3. eat my hat
    4. let their hair down
    5. snap out of it
    6. hit it off
    7. cut it out
    8. bite your tongue
    9. give a piece of your mind
    10. put his foot in his mouth ( put his foot in her mouth) has another meaning
    really ,I dont know the meaning of most of them...

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    Re: Idioms !!!

    You could also look at the thread in the Idioms Forum on animal idioms.

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