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  1. Woytek

    standard america legal clause

    Could you please paraphrase in brief the following text to get its unambiguous meaning.
    XXX Clerk of the County of Kings, the same being a Court of Record, having seal DO HEREBY CERTIFY, That XXX whose name is subscribed to the deposition, certificate of acknowledgement or proof of the annexed instrument, was at the time taking the same a NOTARY PUBLIC in and for the State of NY, duly commissioned and sworn and qualified to act as such throughout the State of NY, that pursuanto to law a commission, or a certificate of this appointment and qualifications, and his autograph signature, have been filed in my office.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best rerads

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    Re: standard america legal clause

    It sounds like they're simply confirming that deposee's signature was witnessed by a Notary Public. (I wonder if New York lawyers get paid by the word.... )

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    Re: standard america legal clause

    Thank you for your response.
    That was exactly what I believed to be at first. However, I have checked similar clauses in other US states, and it turns out that this clause refers to to the very Notary and confirms his rights over the said territory their legality.

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