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Thread: safe harbor

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    safe harbor

    safe harbor means some kind of protection bu i can't see the meaning in here. can u please lelp me?!?!?

    I've always been impressed with telemarketing, and I think telemarketing is very good for a safeharbor, such as your customer or prospect list. I think a telemarketing program ismorepowerfulif it's based on getting prospects to call a number where they're going to be put in touch with yourqualified expert who will address their problems, consult with them, and fully explain the techniquesabout some product or service you're promoting.

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    Re: safe harbor

    It's a Telemarketing Industry term. It has something to do with people not answering the phone.

    "Under the safe harbor, a telemarketer may play a prerecorded message when a consumer answers, but only in a maximum of three percent of calls answered by consumers in person (rather than an answering machine)."

    For more discussion, google telemarketing safe harbor

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