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    Smile What does it mean please?

    ((I couldn't tell when push came to heave))

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    Re: What does it mean please?

    "Push comes to shove" = If or when push comes to shove, there is no more time to consider alternatives - the situation has become some bad that you are forced to do something: If push comes to shove, we'll just have to use our savings.

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    Re: What does it mean please?


    if push comes to shove,

    Also, when push comes to shove. When matters must be confronted, when a crucial point is reached, as in If push comes to shove, the Federal Reserve Board will lower the interest rate, or They supposedly support equality, but when push comes to shove they always seem to promote a man instead of a woman. This term comes from rugby, where, after an infraction of rules, forwards from each team face off and push against one another until one player can kick the ball to a teammate and resume the game.



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