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  1. David Duong

    Sentence Comma Usage

    I'm trying to improve my grammer, especially the comma. I frequently write sentences like this:

    If you move to a R&D Engineering role or a IM Specialist, then the new role will most likely void the pending xyz application, and will result in you starting the process all over again.

    Is it permissible to place a comma after application? Because I write sentences like this all the time, any assistance would be appreciated.

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    That's an optional comma- some would use it and others wouldn't. If there are two independent clause or if the second is less important, then we generally use a comma. Here it's not independent, so it's up to you to decide according to how important you see the second part.
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    Smile Re: Sentence Comma Usage

    I noticed that you misspelled grammar; you spelled it with an "er". This is a good time to learn the correct spelling for a commonly misspelled word. :)

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    Re: Sentence Comma Usage

    what does R&(something I couldn't remember) and xyz application means?

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