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Thread: Explode back

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    Cool Explode back

    An actress who explodes back on the small screen. What does it mean?
    Is she coming back to television after a while working in cinema and / or theater? Or is the verb connoting something else?

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Explode back

    "explodes back" :
    an actress/actor who has previously been popular, or known as a good actor/actress, and has not worked for a time, or has had a few flops and his/her career stalling and they are being written off as a has-been, suddenly has some kind of hit series or mini-series on TV and makes a dramatic come-back and are back in the limelight and on the A-list. As you also ssuggest, it could also mean that the person has been off TV doing other work in theatre where they are less visible 'globally', and so they 'explode back on to the small screen', referring to being away from TV for a time and their return venture is a hit.

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