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    I like to check,

    1) The father, together with his two year old son , is building a sandcastle.

    2) The two girls , together with their brother, is or are coming with us.

    I have read
    When a singular subject is joined to other subjects using "together with " , singular verb is used.

    no. 1) correct
    no. 2) is or are ? as it start with "The two girls"

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    Re: concord

    The father... is...

    The two girls...are...

    The interrupting phrase, together with... does not change the number of the subject.

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    Smile Re: concord

    1:The father,together with his two year old,son,...............

    2:The two girls,together with their brother,...........................

    These are COMPLICATED SUBJECTIVE PHRASES and the main subjects in these two are i.e 'the father',and 'the two girls'.
    So the verbs should be according to their main subjects.

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