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Thread: Spoken English

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    Spoken English

    Dear Teacher,

    I Am An India Completed My Qualified Upto Graduation In English Medium, I Am Unable To Speak English Fluently. I Have Read More Than 3000 Fictional Novels, But When I Start Speaking Words Does Not Come To Me Easily, Please Advice.

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    Re: Spoken English

    I am not a teacher.

    But I am sure, you'll not get fluency by reading text books, grammar, novels, etc. Get fluency with your ears, not with your eyes.
    So, You have to spend lots of time listening, listening again, and again, and again, repetion is very important.

    I think everybody should follow this senquence:
    1st: just reading for a long time
    2nd: you can talk by imitating native speakers
    3rd: you can read (basic text books)
    4th: you will be able to write simple sentences.
    5th: you could study English Grammar

    The internet has lots of english courses, podcasts, radios, videos, all free. You (and me) have to focus on listening in order to speak english well, quickly, without thinking, no translation, instantaneously.
    Why grammar is bad? Because it will make you think, translate, watch whatever you are about to say. You'll be afraid of making a mistake, everytime watching yourself, then you will talk very slowly.

    If you ask someone on the US streets, a worker, for example:
    -Please Sir, do you know what "present continuous tense" is?
    - Oh, I have no idea.

    But he can talk fluently, quickly, everyone understand him.

    Think about it.
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    Re: Spoken English

    yes i m agree with marciobarbalho

    i m also in the opinion, that you can get fleuency in eng by listening enlish more and more,

    reading helps to write, but if you practice the listening skill, this reading will also help you to speak appropriate words at appropriate time,

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    Yes ohm know listening always comes first before speaking.
    You should frequently watch English movies and listen the pronunciation,accent carefully.
    One more thing that will help you in understanding English movies,is understanding the phonetic symbols.You will find them easily in Oxford Learners Dictionary.

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    Re: Spoken English

    Try to worry less about what you cannot do, as this will only lead to a sense of failure. However, you could have tried to engage in a discussion with the people above- the more people you communicated with in any medium, the more natural your communication will be.

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