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    Question sheer wow factor

    Hi guys,
    Can someone please explain to me what the expression "sheer wow factor" means? Im from Brazil and Im not quite sure that I know the meaning of it.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: sheer wow factor

    Hello Mary

    "Sheer wow factor" can be used in the context of a house that has been refurbished. You walk in the door and it has the "Sheer wow factor" meaning that the look of the house, hits you straightaway as being excellent and "to your taste"

    Another way you can express it is.. Have you ever received a special present that when you open the package you are taken back...with that "sheer wow factor" I know I have!
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    Talking Re: sheer wow factor

    Oh I got it!

    Thanks a looooot, Stilo! I really appreciate it.

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