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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanja
    Quote Originally Posted by Casiopea
    Don't feel confused. I saw Old Harry (i.e., the devil) in several online dictionaries. Your dictionary is fabulous!
    Yeah... it is so fabulous that it gives the translation of veggies as vegetarians So, when you wrote to tdol: "Eat more veggies", it smells like cannibalism

    It should be veggies means, vegetables

    Now that's funny. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casiopea
    Titus Tatius was from the town of Cures in Sabine. In that area, at the time, two main languages were spoken: Latin and Etruscan. In Latin, tata means, daddy (the diminutive for father). Add nominative -ius, and we get Tatius (The Great and Mighty?); In Etruscan, ta- means, this, and tius means, moon: Tatius (This moon?) Anyway, it was an interesting search.

    Tatiana daughter of Tatius; Moonchild? Mother of Earth?

    Tanja, Moon Goddess. :D
    I've also heard that my name has something to do with words "The Great and Mighty" frightens me

    Moon Goddess - sounds marvellous! 8) :D
    It reminds me a cartoon about SailorMoon - I've always dreamt (as a child) to be this character :wink:

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