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    Question Language Help

    Dear All,
    Can you please help with the correct answer? I'm trying to write the sentence below but, I'm not sure which preposition should come after the the verb live and at the end of the sentence which is correct some/one?

    Thank you for your kind and prompt reply,


    '' I live with/by hope which, I'll never lose some/one day ''

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    Re: Language Help

    The expression is -

    I live in hope ...

    However, it seems strange with your ending. A more usual ending might be -

    I live in (the) hope that he will return one day.

    Your sentence would probably be better like this -

    I hope I'll never lose.

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    Re: Language Help

    Hi Ms. Horsa,
    It seemed a bit strange to you because It's an Arabic saying and I'm trying to translate it.


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    Re: Language Help

    Two possible alternative interpretations:

    "I live with the hope that I will never lose"

    "I live in the hope that I will not lose [something] one day" - the something could be honour, love, hope, courage.

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    Smile Re: Language Help

    Ms. Anglika,
    Many thanks for your reply

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