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Thread: "too little"

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    "too little"

    Hey everyone, I know that the concept of "too little" is widely used, but to me it seems wrong. I'm pretty sure I was brought up to say "not enough" rather than "too little" but I don't know if it's actually grammatically incorrect or if it just sounds weird. (since too means that something is of an excessive amount and too little becomes an oxymoron..)

    An example: the assumption that too little work leads to boredom has not been investigated

    Would appreciate fast answers!

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    Re: "too little"

    I'm not with you on the oxymoron thing. 'Too' is an adverb and has a meaning similar to 'excessively Do you have a problem with saying 'too much'? If we were just to say 'too work' it would have no meaning.

    As to 'not enough' yes of course that is good, but 'too little' is just as acceptable. Both are fine.

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