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  1. Ellen_Su

    abou the oral english

    Can you help me?
    I'm wandering how could i improve my oral english in the daily life,
    Reading, writting, and listening, i do all of these things everyday, but i don't have anyone to speak english to, however, sometimes my clients will phone me, then because not talk with others with english often, i'll become nervous in the phone, and consequently, maybe not have a good
    What should i do ?

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    Use sites like this to practise- although it's writing, it is very similar to talking, a kind of written conversation.

  2. Ellen_Su
    Thank you!
    I have just found this field for several days, and i like to be there whenever i have time.

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    Exclamation Re: abou the oral english

    That reminds me of the day i was sitting for my orals for the fce...well i got a "B" on that certificate and as surprising as that may sound i didn't get an "A" because of my poor performance in this oral part.

    So, out of curiosity, I know what I may have said to make the interogator not like me;I was comparing those two pictures depecting kinds of natural disaster but instead of using the expression "natural disaster" I said "physical ruins" cause in greek the word for natural is similar to the way physical sounds...

    So, would that make you teachers feel bad about me???

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    Re: abou the oral english

    Excuse me, would you mind telling me what is fce ? Just curious. (and curiosity kills a cat?)
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    Re: abou the oral english

    Oh, yes, FCE stands for First Certificate in English.

    So, any teacher can tell me their reaction yet?

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