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Thread: Who or Whom

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    Who or Whom

    Who and Whom

    When should we use one or the other?

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    Re: Who or Whom

    ATTENTION: Not a teacher.

    Get it from examples:

    Who(subject) vs whom(object)

    Joyce is the girl who got the job. (She got the job.)
    Whom can we turn to in a time of crisis? (Can we turn to her?)
    Whom did you see? (Did you see him?)
    ---> People say: Who did you see?
    To whom it may concern. (To him...)

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    Re: Who or Whom

    first, thank you for the examples...
    although... I'm still confused... but I got the concept: who for noun and whom for object.

    let's see that way:

    "Mr. da Silva made the long-awaited announcement to 3,000 landless workers
    (who/ whom) had marched here to the capital. (...) "

    Would it be whom????

    "But it was the hiker (whom/who) showed the most ferocity. He growled and punched the bear in the nose, forcing the confused creature into retreat, recalled a senior park warden (whom/who) investigated the case.

    Would it be first: who
    second: who

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    Re: Who or Whom

    The 'concept' is who for the SUBJECT and whom for the OBJECT.

    The workers had marched here to the capital. They are the SUBJECT. Therefore WHO.

    The hiker is the SUBJECT. He showed the most ferocity. Therefore WHO.

    The park warden is also the SUBJECT. He investigated the case. Therefore WHO.

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