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    Hi can somebody explain the usage of aticles both the defnite and indefinite articles

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    Re: mrs


    -articles are used for countable nouns (apples, pins, windows, not love, hatred)

    -article 'a' or 'an' (before a vowel sound) is used for nouns that are not particular

    a book is lying on the table (I don't know the title or it's not important)

    -when we talk about people traits, we use 'a/an'

    a nice guy, a decent person, an honest salesman (note the vowel sound [o:], that is why we use 'an')

    -a definite article 'the' is used for distinctive, specific objects

    the man whom I spoke with last night was her brother. (we mean 'the one and only' man, no one else

    -we don't use indefinite articles for plural forms, only singular

    There are many more rules (e.g. using 'the' for family names or geographical names) pertaining to articles.

    Sometimes you have to go with your gut to choose or drop the article.

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